30 is an interesting age


no too young to know everything


no too old to get tired of everything


Yes, from now on I’m 30


no more ”I’m twenty something” but heading to middle age


When I am 30, I know what’s really important to me, which has been taking me 30 years to find, and it remains going on.


When I am 30, still feel heartbroken, but it won’t take me too long to recover, cause being too sensitive is not healthy.


When I am 30, keeping finding my soul mate, but things always won’t go as smoothly as I expect, then I know what so-called “DESTINY”.


When I am 30, learning how to respect my own life, other’s lives and choices, never put your hope on someone or try to change someone, cause it’s so-called “VIOLENCE


When I am 30, what I want….haha….. it seems simple but somehow it’s difficult. Keep practicing ashtanga


without expectation, for myself, for my GURU in my heart.


Love my family and enjoy my family’s love.


Better know how to love and be loved.


Have a one who can be my companion and worthy of my respect and love.


Thank for my parents’ and my brothers’ endless love, giving my life, educating me, supporting me on my yoga’s journey. I love ya….


The very first day of 30. I'm in my dreamland--Mysore, India


(A birthday gift for myself-- a yoga trip to India. learn something more than yoga)




(Had my friends blessings)














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